The Bentley Jones Birthday Megamix is a compilation of Bentley Jones past songs mixed by SARE. The first one was released in 2014 for Jones' 29th. There is no confirmation about whether SARE will be making one for Jones' 30th.

Track ListingEdit

The Megamix was mixed by SARE. Brackets [] note which album/single/EP the song comes from.


  1. "素直になれたら ~FINAL NIGHT~" [TRANS//LATION]
  2. "STUTTA" [Entourage - EP]
  3. "ICUCM' (featuring Mark McLaughlin) [ICUCM / Ain't Nobody]
  4. "Waiting For Clouds" (PHUNKST★R Radio Mix) [Finally Free]
  5. "Alpha Dog" (PHUNKST★R Radio Mix) [Alpha Dog US Remixes]
  6. "So Much More" (PHUNKST★R Extended Mix) [So Much More EP]
  7. "Down in Tokyo" (UPGRADE Version) [UPGRADE 1.0. - Japan Edition]
  8. "Invincible" (featuring SHUN) [UPGRADE 1.0. - Japan Edition]
  9. "Oh-Wei-Oh (Devil in Headphones)" (PHUNKST★R Radio Mix) [Oh-Wei-Oh]
  10. "Let Me Be With You" [UPGRADE 1.0. - Japan Edition]
  11. "Bandana-Na-Na" [The Place Where Dreaming Ends - EP]
  12. "The Place Where Dreaming Ends" (PHUNKST★R Evo-Edit) [The Place Where Dreaming Ends - EP]
  13. "Seven Rings In Hand ~Fairytales in Trance~" [Face To Faith: Sonic and the Black Knight Vocal Trax]
  14. "Open Your Heart" (Crush 40 vs. Bentley Jones Remix) [True Blue: The Best of Sonic the Hedgehog]
  15. "Dreams of an Absolution" [Sonic the Hedgehog Vocal Traxx: Several Wills]
  16. "Dreams of an Absolution" (Starry Night Remix) [True Colors: The Best of Sonic Part 2]


  1. Evolve (PHUNKST★R Radio Mix) [Evolve]
  2. Englishman in New York [UPGRADE 1.0. - International Edition]
  3. (Feat. Curtis Young & May J.) (Remixed) [UPGRADE 1.0. - International Edition]
  4. Oh-wei-oh (Devil in Headphones) (Remixed) [UPGRADE 1.0. - International Edition]
  5. R1D31T [Defying Gravity]
  6. Axiomatis (Feat. The TRUTHSt4lk3rz) [Defying Gravity]
  7. Sexy People (Remixed) [UPGRADE 1.0. - International Edition]
  8. Talk 2 U [Defying Gravity]
  9. ~Prelude~ [Finally Free]
  10. U Won’t 4get Me [So Much More EP]
  11. We Go Electro [UPGRADE 1.0. - International Edition]
  12. Word Up! [TRANS//LATION 2]
  13. Glamorous Sky ~2011 English Version~ [TRANS//LATION 2]
  14. Zankoku na Tenshi no Teze (from “Neon Genesis Evangelion”) [Defying Gravity]