Intensity Levels


London, UK



Years Active





  1. Xola Mji
  2. Billy Friend

Intensity Levels is a group formed by Xola Mji (SARE) & Billy Friend (Comet) after their two year separation of friendship. The group formed in 2012.


Mji and Friend started being friends in 2008 in primary school.

After Mji's 2 years of being away from the UK, he moved to St. Columba's Roman Catholic Boys School and reunited with Friend again. So then in the making of Mji's album "Creation", Billy wanted to make tracks with him. The tracks were "Cybertron", "Night-Light" and a bonus track for the second CD "Master of Chaos".

2014: Break upEdit

Mji stated that him and Friend stopped the team due to the long break between thier friendship and some arguments. Billy told Mji not to involve him in Intensity Levels due to his non-musical background.


  1. SARE - Beyond the Starz
  2. Astronaut - Champions

Other StuffEdit

  1. Futuristic Radio Redux (Hosted by SARE)
  2. Intensity Levels (TBA)

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